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Bayer foods for food industries

The first company in the group has been established in 2010 starting with wheat grinding and extracting 72% . In 2014, the group expanded with another factory for pasta named “El Tahrir Mills” and a third factory for biscuits named “The Egyptian Company for Mills, backed goods and pasta”. This expansion was due to adopting and implementing our motto “Quality makes the difference” .

The group owns and operates many stores in different regions in the country covering governorates, Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta in addition to other large 1000m2 + stores annexed to factories. All stores are highly equipped with up-to-date storing facilities and latest technologies that maintain products safe and in the manufactured quality .

The group also owns a fleet of cars that hold our various trademarks assigned for products, distribution all over Egypt. It’s our prime goal to gain customers’ trust, provide them with safe, healthy and tasty products, change their buying behaviors, get our products upfront others in competition and be the customers’ first choice.With our motto “Quality makes the difference” we were able to occupy a distinguished place in the Egyptian market as well as exporting to the Middle East, Africa and the Gulf states in accordance with international standards .

We Specialized in the production of the following :

– Flour Mobilization (Automatically) )1 K,2 K, 5 K to 50 Kg) for all uses (cake, biscuit, pizza) .

– Producing all kinds of Pasta various weights 350 gm. to 25Kilo .

– Biscuits .

– Instant Different Flavors Drinks with Sugar and Sweeteners .

We Certified with ISO 9001 Quality management systems for its headquarter management and ISO 22000 For food safety management standard .

The Group always develops work as the following :

– Selecting the best kinds of ingredients .

– Applying all quality standards to all stages of production .

– Existence of a systematic team of qualified researcher & experts for studying the needs of both national & international consumers .

– Existence of professional technicians and cadres with a unique distinguished level in the manufacturing process .
– Existence of marketing and selling system with a high level of experience

. – the continual developing of the production lines .

– sticking to the standard specifications .

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautifull and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.

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Brandon Razer

David Jacob

Morgan Dutch