We are all constructed out of our self dialogue

We Specialized in the production of the following

– Flour Mobilization (Automatically) for all uses (cake, biscuit, pizza )

– Producing all kinds of Pasta various weights 350 gm. to 25 Kilo.

– Biscuits

– Instant Different Flavors Drinks with Sugar and Sweeteners.

The Group always develops work as the following

Selecting the best kinds of ingredients
Applying all quality standards to all stages of production
Existence of a systematic team of qualified researcher & experts for studying the needs of both national & international consumers
Existence of professional technicians and cadres with a unique distinguished level in the manufacturing process
Existence of marketing and selling system with a high level of experience.
the continual developing of the production lines.

Our Services

Our services are the best in town, we provide great quality baked products


We have the finest biscuits weights and sizes, different packaging

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Our pasta is produced from the finest kinds of wheat flour 72 %,, that provide the human body with the highest rates of proteins. Our pasta is designed in different shapes


Our Mills produces varying degrees of the finest wheat to fit all of the Manufacturing processes as well as home use.


Enjoy a good taste in few minutes.

Our Trustworthy Clients

The companies that trust us are the main key to our succes, check out our top clients